Saturday, 1 October 2011

P & T Biz Enterprise (Rent A Car at Butterworth,Bukit Mertajam,Penang)

Our Car rental busines are located in Bukit Tengah,Bukit Mertajam near to Autocity Juru,Perai.We cater for student from University Teknologi MARA Penang (UITM),POLITEKNIK,JMTI Permatang Pauh,Butterworth,Penang.
We also provide rental for client from other states in Malaysia that comes to Penang Island for holiday,etc.We do deliver cars to airport.bus station,train station,etc for clients.
We provide best rates in town for new car & old car.Cars are all well maintain tip top condition.

Please feel free to contact or text me Puvan at +60125001550 or Email Me at

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